Brisant * 22.5.2010


                                                                                                    Bolero Hann. *75
                                                            Beltain Hann. *84
                    Belissimo Rheinld. *1999
                                                                                                    Romadour II Rheinld. *69
                                                            Roxa Rheinld. * 80
                                                                                                    Lady Rheinld. *68

                                                                                                    Florestan Rheinl.. *86
                                                            Fidermark Westf. *92
                                                                                                    Watonga Hann. *85
                    Fabrice Rheinl. *98
                                                                                                    Frühlingsball Westf. *70
                                                            Feodora Rheinl. *92



Damline Information Fabrice

Self Performance:
Fabrice was nominated "Premium Foal" at the Heinsberg foal inspection in July 1998 - Silver Medal
MPT Telgte, June 13th, 2001 - ranked 1st out of 21 mares scoring 8,39 - highest score ever given that year!
single scores: trott 8,5  canter 8,5  walk 8,0  ridability/judges 9,0  ridability/testrider 8,5  freejumping 8,0
Summer 2003: various show class successes in all three disciplines (dressage, jumping, eventing), amongst them winning the Telgte young horse combined dressage&jumping class scoring 8,2

Fabrice's full brother Fair Play*2002 was Champion of the Rhineland Riding Horses 2005,
her full sister Fannie Mae is the 5th and last out of 5 full siblings by Fidermark, all of them were nominated "Premium Foals" , amongst them auction foals.
single scores: trott 8,0  canter 8,5  walk 7,5  ridability/judges 8,0  ridability/testrider 8,5  freejumping 7,5
Fannie Mae's first foal is the licensed stallion Sansibar by Sir Donnerhall (standing at stud in the Netherlands)

Brisant is full sibling to Bravo * 2009, half sibling to QRage II and QRage III (NewZealand), La Jeanne and Lan Thao (Netherlands)

Sirline Information - why Belissimo?

Last night, eight o'clock., Fabrice gives birth to her colt. A very uncomplicated birth process but Ingrid, my mare barn owner, is not happy.
Something is wrong with the foal and she is right:
His blood circuit is instable and keeps vanishing.
Three of us in the stall, we are sitting next to the lying foal, his head is dangling, falling to the side, the neck feels lifeless.
Ingrid is fully aware of the situation, tells us to take straw and rub him around his rips, close to the heart, clockwise direction, maintaining a heartbeat rhythm.
Keep him in an upward position, she tells us, make sure the rips don't press against the weak lungs while he is lying on his side!
She is raising his head, pulling the tongue out of his mouth, softly shaking the little boy.
A shiver runs through the little body, a hick up - he is back.
Ingrid chases up Jana to get a bucket of cold water, if we don't get him back again we will splash the water over him to reactivate the blood circuit.
I am sitting near him, keeping him in an upside position, rubbing him, praying.
Another shiver, another hick up -  he is back.
The vet is on his way, how long will it take?
We call the neighbour, the guy is a horse breeder, too, but even more important:
he is a pediatrician!
Meanwhile the vet has arrived and supplies an infusion, however, he tells us to prepare to take mare and foal to the nearby Telgte Horse Medical Center.
I refuse.
No way the foal will make it through a thirty minutes trailor ride with fading blood circuit ...
The neighbour has arrived, with him his wife, she is a professional surgery nurse - how handy!
Both doctors decide for another infusion, glycose and sodium chloride solution, the neighbour determinds density and volume.
Upon the second infusion I melk my mare again, yet another 200 ml and fill it in the baby bottle.
The little boy drinks and drinks, still lying apathetic.
Will he fade again after the bottle as he did before?
He seems to remain stable.
The vet injects an antibiosis and upon the needle prick the little colt shows first time active resistance.
Life spirit!

Human aid has reached it's limits, everything else is nature's care and up to the boy himself.
Both the doctors are happy, so is Ingrid. They leave me alone in the stall with my little horse family to take care of the boy and help him stand up whenever he is ready for it.
I know my mare Fabrice.
She is a reliable patient angel but her usual afterbirth behaviour is nothing to expose a somewhat handicapped newborn foal to all by itself.
I keep sitting in my corner of straw and watch the two of them carefully.
Whenever the boy resembles to try to stand up I do everything I can to help him.
I know my mare, and after seven foals I am fully confident to be able to foresee her behaviour. As long as the afterbirth contractions won't bother her too bad I know I can count on her.
Fabrice and I have a lot in common ...

It takes a lot of attemps for the little colt to finally manage to stand up - I support him as much as I can, sorting his yet unstable legs and helping him up.
Finally, he makes it - a common success - I feel so relieved!
Fabrice watches us closly, whinnieing.
Yet another eternity to me it seems until he finally finds the way to her udder, I hear him smack - the most beautiful noise I have ever heard - tears of relieve.
Fabrice has completely calmed down, satisfied with her active son who finally does what a newborn foal is supposed to be doing:
relieving his mum's uddder.
The rest is nature's call, my little horse family has come to a mostly deserved relaxation, I watch the boy laying down again, his chest is moving up and down while he is breathing normally - completely exhausted but accurately breathing.

This morning an agile colt standing next to Fabrice welcomes me - I have tears in my eyes while he comes up to me, asking for some cuddling and care.
The sun is out, life is beautiful - and I wouldn't want to change it for no money in the world:
as these are the moments that make my life so incredibly precious.
Thank you, Fabrice!

*while the english translation of "Brisant" means "explosive" the german meaning of it also describes a somewhat risky situation - challenging but promising.
 Thus, I guess Fabrice's little boy couldn't have been given any better name.


New pictures of Brisant at the age of 3 months:




Visiting Brisant at the colt's herd!

Seven months have passed by since I took Brisant up north to his new home where he is being raised as a stallion prospect. Time for a visit to see how Fabrice's son has developed, time to check out on a most promising yearling colt who stands out visibly as "a son of Fabrice" amongst a herd of half a dozen other colts - a very refined and highly noble colt, thus the way Fabrice stamps her kids...



                                                                                                                      Fotos: Philipp von Thaden

4. September 2012

Hollenstedt/Wohlebostel Preselection Hannoverian Licensing 2012

Brisant is accepted for the Hannoverian Licensing!







                                                                                                                    Fotos: Philipp von Thaden




27. October 2012

Hannoverian Stallion Licensing
Brisant is sold to Spain at the Hannoverian Stallion sales.
He is not licensed, yet it was an exciting and wonderful experience having been "part of the game" in Verden!

                                      Fotos:  Dr. Christina Beuke