Sawadee * 11. April 2008                

                                                                                                    Sandro Song Oldbg.*88
                                                            Sandro Hit Oldbg.*93
Oldbg. *87
                    Sir Donnerhall Oldbg. *01
                                                                                                    Donnerhall Oldbg. *81
                                                            Contenance D Oldbg.*95
                                                                                                    Contenance II Holst. *91

                                                                                                    Florestan Rheinl. *86
                                                            FidermarkWestf. *92
                                                                                                    Watonga Hann. *85
                    Fannie Mae Rheinl. *03
                                                                                                    Frühlingsball Westf. *70
                                                            Feodora Rheinl. *91
                                                                                                    Rebecca Rheinl. *80


Oldenburg Premium Foal; foal inspection 20. May 2008

Fannie Mae was nominated "Premium Foal" at the foal inspection Heinsberg, July 2003 - Silver Medal
MPT Telgte, June 13th, 2006 - placed 2cd out of 20 mares scoring 7,97
single scores: trott 8,0  canter 8,5  walk 7,5  ridability/judges 8,0  ridability/testrider 8,5  freejumping 7,5
Fannie Mae is the 5th out of 5 full siblings by Fidermark, all of them were nominated "Pemium Foals" , amongst them auction foals.
full brother Fair Play*2002 Champion of the Rhineland Ridinghorses 2005
full sister Fabrice*1998 MPT Telgte placed 1st out of 21 mares scoring 8,39
single scores: trott 8,5  canter 8,5  walk 8,0  ridability/judges 9,0  ridability/testrider 8,5  freejumping 8,0

full sibling to Sansibar *2007, Oldenburg Premium colt, Paul Schockemöhle

Fannie Mae did it again: all by herself and eight days ahead of her time she gave birth to a beautiful filly by Sir Donnerhall last night - this morning Sawadee alreday welcomed her humans with friendly whinning!
I am so proud of my mare and of course couldn't expect to take the two of them out to see how Little Sawadee is doing - and she is not a little one at all! Same long legs Sansibar had and most important: same well angled croup formation and shoulder - exquisit face and a real little lady in shape and behaviour!
She already has a new friend, little Amelie wanted to ped her - so the two of them carefully got close to each other - what a wonderful moment!

Thank you Fannie Mae, you did a great job - again!


                            pictures taken by Ines Meier


                                                                                                                                                          Sawadee at seven weeks

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