Brooklyn * 3.April 2008                

                                                                                                                                                             Black Sky xx *1966
                                                            Bolero Hann. *1975
Hann *1970
                    Brentano II Hann. *83
                                                                                                    Grande Hann. *1958
                                                            Glocke Hann. * 1973
                                                                                                    Ferbel Hann. *1968

                                                                                                    Surumu xx *1974
                                                            Acatenango xx *1982
                                                                                                    Aggravate xx *1966
                    Ionia xx  *2000
                                                                                                    Pentathlon xx *1965
                                                            Ipenta xx *1986
                                                                                                    Immer Toller xx *1980


Dam Ionia xx was a race horse from 2003 - 2005, took part in 17 flat races, scored 4 times, won once.
10. May 2006 - hannoverian mare inspection in Ankum; Main Studbook registration:
scores amongst others: elasticity and swing in trott 8, backline 8, frame 8, frontlegs 8.
Istanbul, fourth in the falling damline, is dam of Iwanowitsch xx *1978, Ldb Celle, by Illix xx/Orsini xx o/o Istanbul.

Stallion Choice: Why Brentano II ?

Tonight my thouroughbred mare Ionia gave birth to her second foal, another chestnut filly named Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the full sibling to last year's Balahé who i have kept in my herd to become the future foundation mare of my very personal t.b.-based sport horse breeding program.

It is my greatest pleasure to see Brooklyn up and running along with her mother at her very first day and while i was still impressed at first sight about how similar these two foals seem to be (compared to Balahé at her first day) it is now the differences that amaze me when i see her walk and run outside:

There is a lot of myth and theorie about half t.b. and the use of t.b. in warmblood breeding - "getting around" the first generation is a common word as naturally given t.b. features often resemble to the unfavour of the desired half t.b. "product"  in the first generation while further generations surely profit from t.b. influence once well consolidated.
So here i am, looking at my two full sibling half t.b.s and it is the most thrilling breeding experience:
far away form judging "good" or "bad" i see what they have in common but at the same time there are huge differences, too:

While Balahé has been a very fine and filigree foal from the first day on, even today in the herd of yearlings you can tell from far which is the half t.b. amongst them - she is truly t.b. stamped and given the fact she hasn't changed in a year i assume she will stay as such and become a very sportive and athletic type of horse once matured.
Brooklyn on the other hand stands out for her substance, frame and bones already compared to her sister and if you wouldn't know it you couldn't tell her t.b. mare's origin. Completely different foal even though shape of extereieur (angles) are very much alike, specifically in favourable croup and shoulder what makes me smile.
It is truly amazing and i couldn't tell which is the "better" one - just that each of them has her own specific shape.
I am more than excited to see her grow up and develop as i consider it a wonderful learning experience teaching me about the potential pro's and con's of foals of same origin - yet so different...

more photos of Brooklyn