Balahé * 27.March 2007                

                                                                                                    Black Sky xx *1966
                                                            Bolero Hann. *1975
Hann *1970
                    Brentano II Hann. *83
                                                                                                    Grande Hann. *1958
                                                            Glocke Hann. * 1973
                                                                                                    Ferbel Hann. *1968

                                                                                                    Surumu xx *1974
                                                            Acatenango xx *1982
                                                                                                    Aggravate xx *1966
                    Ionia xx  *2000
                                                                                                    Pentathlon xx *1965
                                                            Ipenta xx *1986
                                                                                                    Immer Toller xx *1980                                                                                                      



Dam Ionia xx was a race horse from 2003 - 2005, took part in 17 flat races, scored 4 times, won once.
10. May 2006 - hannoverian mare inspection in Ankum; Main Studbook registration:
scores amongst others: elasticity and swing in trott 8, backline 8, frame 8, frontlegs 8.
Istanbul, fourth in the falling damline, is dam of Iwanowitsch xx *1978, Ldb Celle, by Illix xx/Orsini xx o/o Istanbul.

Stallion Choice: Why Brentano II ?

This morning my Ionia provided the greatest pleasure of all to me:
she gave birth to the long awaited and greatly desired filly by Brentano II!
I have been waiting for this moment to come for so long and I was hoping so badly that this would be a filly - the (hopefully) future foundation mare of my very own, thoroughblood based sport horse damline...
In colour, type and substance (bones) little Balahé is a tiny reincarnation of her sire, Brentano II. 
And she sure was a hard job for her mother to deliver - what a strong first-born kid out of such a light mare! well understood that Ionia had to take a rest after such birth... however, she was all over her daughter form the beginning on and it was my greatest pleasure to hear her mumble at her all the time - simply sitting there and watching how the first tender bands were knit - tears of pleasure...
thank you, Ionia!

 26. April 2007:

This morning I went to Ankum again where Brentano II has been standing for stud all his life. I was lucky to get to see him at his daily paddock routine and I couldn't take my eyes off him. He has recovered greatly from a colic surgery earlier this year and presents himself as a friendly but surely self assured stallion who has an awake eye on anything in his surrounding. This stallion even at the age of 24 (!) certainly has remained a timeless and modern horse - despite all those traditional somewhat heavy but nonetheless best proven performance genes via Grande and Ferdinand all those t.b.-genes in him (Black Sky, Bleep, Marcio) provide for a noble exterieur of light upper line and frame - legs so clear, some four-year-old would dream of...


Today Balahé
has moved to her new home at the Karsten family, former owners of Beltain (sire of Belissimo) and Wallery K, my past broodmare. It is my greatest pleasure to see Balahé in these passionate breeders' hands since I owe the Karsten family my entire affinity to the bloodline of Bolero and the legendary damline of Dr. Max Schulz, Stellenfleth. Without the Karsten family there would have been no Wallery K for me, no Beltain and most certainly no Belissimo M for the world. Without the Karsten family I had never learned about the damline of Dr. Max Schultz (Wallery's descend) who bred Beltain and Brentano II and I had never discovered the value of these precious Bolero bloodlines for me.
The beauty of Balahés newly found home serves as a wonderful gift to me:
she will live nearby in the Karsten's mare herd and I will be able to further follow her development and watch her future foals grow up - I am overly happy to see my Brentano II-daughter having found such a great lifetime post!  

            Balahé in October 2009

13.6.2011 At her new home Balahé gave birth to her first filly Belle K by Barclay. Quite obviously, Balahé is in best shape and enjoys her motherhood!



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